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Are you interested in high-quality garage door repair in Walnut IL? At Grizzly Garage Door, our technicians are experts at all types of garage door services. When your garage door malfunctions, we know just how frustrating it can be. Homeowners rely on their overhead doors to function properly throughout the day as an entrance to their home. Garage doors are also important for curb appeal, protection, and storage space. 

When you have a stuck garage door, your car may be trapped inside the garage or you may even be locked out of your home. Because of these emergency situations, our technicians are trained for same day garage door repair near Walnut IL. We’ve developed extensive training methods to learn the best ways to approach garage door repairs. We focus on providing excellent customer service based on integrity and professionalism. When you need garage door repair in Walnut IL, contact us at 815-632-3679!

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We Replace Broken Garage Door Springs!

Experiencing issues with your garage door springs? We’re the local garage door company to call! Springs must work properly for your overhead door to function. Most residential garage door systems are outfitted with torsion springs. These types of springs use a type of rotational force to bear the garage door’s weight. This is an essential component of safe and smooth garage door movement. 

Over time, torsion springs experience wear and tear, which leads them to a snapping point. The average spring has a lifespan of 10,000 cycles of opening and closing the door. When a garage door spring snaps, you may hear a loud popping noise inside the garage. If this happens, stop using your door and don’t touch the damaged spring. Let the technicians at Grizzly Garage Door handle your garage door spring replacement safely. We’ll ensure your overhead door system is operating properly.

Schedule Garage Door Maintenance to Extend the Life of Your Garage Door!

Garage door maintenance services are extremely helpful in keeping up your door system. All garage door hardware goes through wear and tear the more it’s used. To combat this, a garage door tune-up cleans, tightens, and lubricates hardware. This works wonders for your overhead door system and can help extend your door’s lifespan. We recommend that you schedule garage door maintenance at least once a year. 

During a garage door tune-up, a professional technician will thoroughly inspect all parts of the garage door. This can help get you ahead of garage door repairs, which may save both time and money. It’s also important to have a door balance test performed, where we’ll ensure your garage door is operating properly. Don’t hesitate to schedule garage door maintenance near Walnut IL with Grizzly Garage Door!

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Are you searching for garage door repair in Walnut IL? At Grizzly Garage Door, our technicians are experts at garage door services near you! With every project, we focus on exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to schedule your garage door repair in Walnut IL!

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