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Are you frustrated by a stuck garage door and in desperate need of garage door repair in Milledgeville IL? Grizzly Garage Door is the best local garage door repair company in Milledgeville IL. We are a family-owned company that has been in the garage door industry for over 20 years. So we know a thing or two about garage doors. If you need any garage door services in the Milledgeville IL area, give Grizzly Garage Door a call at (815) 716-8360. We’ll be able to get your garage door fixed quickly and efficiently.

Our Repair Services in Milledgeville IL

Spring Replacement

The most popular repair that we see is a broken garage door spring repair. Garage door springs are extremely important for the garage to run. They help hold the weight of the door, making it easy to open and close. Each spring has an average lifespan of about 10,000 cycles—each cycle being one opening and closing of the door. This means that the springs will typically last an average of 8-10 years. As they get used so much, they start to wear down. Eventually, they will break with a loud snap. When this happens it’s important that you don’t try to use your garage door. It can become dangerous to operate without the springs properly holding their weight. Call us right away for garage door spring replacement in Milledgeville IL and let our expert repairmen safely install a new spring for your garage door.

Panel Replacement

Garage door panels can quickly become dented when something goes wrong. Maybe you backed into your garage door or your child hit a home run directly in the middle. The good news is that you most likely won’t need to replace your entire garage door. Unless the damage is extensive, or you have a door without individual panels, we should be able to perform a garage door panel replacement.

Opener Repair

Another common issue we see is a garage door opener repair. If you have changed the batteries and reset the opener and it still isn’t working correctly, give us a call at (815) 716-8360 and we’ll repair your garage door opener in Milledgeville IL. If your garage door opener is beyond repair, we can replace it with a garage door opener installation. We’ll help you pick out the perfect new opener for your home!

New Garage Door Installation

In addition to repairing garage doors, Grizzly Garage Door also installs them! Check out our wide selection of new garage doors! We have many different styles, including traditional, modern, carriage, contemporary, and commercial. Our team of expert technicians will help you pick out the perfect door that will effortlessly match your home’s style. The increase in curb appeal—and thus market value—alone makes this investment well worth it! Contact us today to see about our garage door installation in Milledgeville IL.

Garage Door Maintenance

We always recommend getting regular tune-ups for your garage door. This will not only prevent any issues from arising but will also prolong the lifespan of your garage door. It’s much less likely that you’ll get stuck in your garage when you have regular garage door maintenance in Milledgeville IL.

Contact Us for Garage Door Services in Milledgeville IL

Whatever kind of garage door services you need in Milledgeville IL, let Grizzly Garage Door be your go-to garage door repair company. You can’t go wrong with our team of trained and trusted technicians. Give us a call today at (815) 716-8360 for more information about how we can best serve you. Don’t wait! Contact us today!

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